HMS store can be used to:

  • Get a part of the current store or state(getState)
  • Subscribe to different parts of the store using selectors and execute a callback when the value changes. Both getState and subscribe use selectors to query a part the store. Selectors are functions with HMSStore as an argument and returns a part of the store. StoreSelector is a type alias for this type of function.


  • Omit<IHMSStore, "setState" | "namedSetState" | "destroy">HMSStoreWrapper



getState: GetState<HMSStore> Get a part of store using a selector which is true at the current point of time. Usage: store.getState(selectDominantSpeaker);

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subscribe: Subscribe<HMSStore> Subscribe to a part of store using selectors, whenever the subscribed part changes, the callback is called with both the latest and previous value of the changed part. Usage:

const onSpeakerUpdate = (speaker, prevSpeaker) => { console.log("speaker changed from - ", prevSpeaker, ", to - ", speaker); } store.subscribe(onSpeakerUpdate, selectDominantSpeaker);

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